by Adam Rosenthal, April 25, 2016

Campbell is a quaint landmark city in Santa Clara County just 30 minutes from San Francisco. It’s a tight-knit community surrounded by historic green parks, gardens, and creative performance centers.

Originally a cannery and fruit-packing town, Campbell is now home to historic neighborhoods, a pedestrian-friendly downtown, and thriving community services.

Although the city is not a major high-tech city like its neighbors, Campbell is the original home of eBay, and its creator Pierre Omidyard, and the Pruneyard Shopping Center which is home to the South Bay offices of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

With a population of about 33,000 and a warm Mediterranean climate, Campbell is a delightful and traditional community with historic museums, heritage theaters, magnificent green parks and landscapes, and affordable housing.

Whether you want to explore the gourmet cafes and boutiques downtown, browse the weekly farmer’s market, or examine the 32 public art displays and 48 bronze plaques throughout the city, Campbell is for everyone!

Here are some exciting things to do in Campbell:

– The Ainsley Garden

– Historical Museum & Ainsley House

– Heritage Theatre

– Downtown Distric

– Public Art