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Pleasanton is a warm and sunny city in Alameda County, established in 1894. It is a quaint and historic suburb with over 70,000 residents in the San Francisco Bay Area just 25 miles from Oakland and 6 miles of Liverpool.

More Info About Pleasanton

Located only a short drive from San Jose or San Francisco, Pleasanton is a vibrant city full of culturally rich activities and evergreen landscape. Pleasanton’s passion for the arts is seen throughout the city, especially at the well-known performance center, Firehouse Arts, and in the affluent downtown neighborhoods.

Pleasanton focuses on getting residents involved in outdoor sports and activities by creating new sports fields and recreational parks. Some new and well-established parks include Augustin State Park, Alameda County Fairgrounds, and Alviso Adobe Community Park.

In Pleasanton, residents strongly believe that blending cultures creates a true sense of harmony throughout the community. Families, businesses, and visitors alike are welcomed in Pleasanton with open arms and are always supported.

Enjoy unique shops, great dining, performing arts, and fine wine in Pleasanton’s charming downtown or regional shopping mall, just a short drive, walk, or bike ride from beautiful family homes and top neighborhoods.

Here is a list of additional places to see in Pleasanton:


Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreational Center


San Antonio Reservoir


Lake Del Valle